TR3 - Watch It
Word from the Underground (1984)

Cosmology was a New York based band that recorded for Vanguard Records. They toured the East Coast and performed regularly in NYC. The band was co-founded by John D'earth, Dawn Thompson and drummer/percussionist Robert Jospe. Cosmology was an adventurous jazz/rock band that, over the years, featured top players such as John Abercrombie, John Scofield, Tim Reynolds, Rick Laird, Armen Donelian, Kenny Kirkland, Collin Walcott, Barry Rogers, Dave Glen, Bob Moses, LeRoi Moore, and Carter Beauford, among others. Cosmology eventually relocated to Charlottesville, VA and performed into the 90's. The band had a profound impact on the music scene of C-ville. By galvanizing audiences with a completely original sound and inspiring the musicians who came into contact with them they have helped to make C-ville the hotbed of creative music that it is..... Cosmology is a forerunner of the Thompson D'earth Band

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